What will be new in business industry for 2023

Video content is growing bigger

Video content plays a huge role in the business industry. Since people are “addicted” on Short-form videos, platforms like TikTok became the best place for online marketing. You can earn a colossal amount of money from TikTok by brand partnerships. More views you have, the more money you generate, so don’t forget to jump on 100% real YouTube views.

Towards a starification of companies with digital

This is the phenomenon of “starification” that we see in music, films…

The Top 50 makes the vast majority of sales, and the rest is invisible.

It is therefore necessary to know the rules of these different networks, the means of improving its visibility to stand out and be visible.

We arrive at a situation like in music where a group must be “the reference” in its musical style , or in cars with brands like Porsche, Lamborghini… which are the references in terms of sports cars.

The application of the concept of stratification in B2B digital marketing leads to the fact that:

  • On Google to be in the first results, you have to work on your SEO with a WordPress blog & optimized content, 
  • On Instagram, it is essential to make Reels, 
  • On TikTok, it is necessary to create very short and very engaging videos, 
  • On Linkedin, the key is to work on your copywriting and visuals,

However, each platform has an algorithm and more or less formalized rules.

We cannot reproduce on a blog what we do on TikTok and vice versa.

Hence the importance of training in marketing, because algorithms and trends are changing more and more quickly.

For example, on Linkedin in 2021 there were 2 easy ways to generate views easily:

  • Take polls 
  • Having false engagement (eg encouraging people to leave a comment in exchange for a bonus, putting a link in the first comment, etc.).

However in 2022 this no longer works, Linkedin changed the rules overnight.

On the other hand, if being present on all communication channels is easy, mastering them becomes more and more complex.

For example, you can know very well how Google Ads works and launch campaigns, but designing profitable Google Ads campaigns is another matter.

Hence the importance of continually training in new marketing techniques and strategies, or of calling on specialized agencies.

Personally, I use my blog to train myself continuously in marketing, and to experiment with techniques, and to keep myself informed.

If you are in business, you have to follow the news, participate in events (physical or online), follow training courses…

You can also hire a marketer, whether it’s an expert in a field, or a junior marketer who just graduated with a bachelor’s degree in marketing.

The advantage of calling on a junior marketer is that he will have a fresh and uninhibited eye on your activity.

The downside is that he will necessarily be influenced by his studies and less by the reality on the ground.

With an expert, you will directly have a person specialized in a specific field with solid experience, but with a higher salary depending on experience and area of ​​expertise.

It’s a bit of a choice between having an expert, a generalist marketer and a growth hacker.

Depending on the budget and the needs of the company, you have to make the right choice of the right profile!

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