How to Style a Rug or Carpet for a Modern Look – Quick and Easy!

Style a Rug or Carpet for a Modern Look

Before you start shopping for a rug, you should consider the style of your furniture. You can use contemporary rugs and carpets if your furniture is large and bulky. If you’re planning to buy contemporary pieces, you can opt for rugs with unique designs. For example, you can choose a rug with a single design element that makes the room look lighter and airier.

Choosing the right rug can be as important as selecting the right shoes for your outfit. After all, you wouldn’t wear gardening shoes to a night out on the town. In the same way, you must select the right style of rug or carpet for a cohesive interior design. A rug should be as stylish as the rest of your outfit. You should also make sure to choose a neutral tone for  soft outdoor rugs so that the room doesn’t look too stark.

Contrasting rugs and carpets aren’t appropriate for most circumstances, but in some circumstances, this is perfectly acceptable. For example, a dark carpet can be complemented by an intricate rug in bold, bright colors. In other cases, a short pile carpet can be paired with a thick shaggy rug. The same principle applies to choosing a rug for a contemporary style.

After determining the type and size of rug you’d like, the next step is to decide its material. A modern rug made of synthetic or wool blends will last longer than a traditional one. However, you should choose natural fibers whenever possible. Also, you should consider the shape of the room and the mood you want to create. For example, a room that’s dark and moody will benefit from a rug with lots of texture.

How to Style Rugs and Carpet for a Modern Look

First, you should think about the overall color scheme or combination of your room. It should match the rest of the furniture, paint, and accessories. Then, consider the type of rugs that will go with your current color scheme. For example, you can opt for high pile or low pile rugs. These two types of rugs will complement each other. Afterward, you can decide which ones to use.

Traditional Rugs

If you’re interested in mixing traditional rugs and carpet for a modern look, you have plenty of options. When choosing a traditional rug, consider its overall color palette. By choosing a rug pattern with an undertone in the same color as the room’s main color, you can achieve uniformity throughout the room. The same goes for accessories and other furnishings. For a neutral modern interior, choose a light and subtle color.

Ikat Mix Rug

For a contemporary look, opt for the crimson Ikat area rug. Made from organically colored cloth ikats from India, this rug is the perfect complement for contemporary rooms. The crimson color and the pattern of the rug make it a classic complement to any flooring. It’s versatile and will not date as the patterns are timeless. Whether you choose a simple design or a more elaborate one, this rug is sure to add style to your space.

West Elm Lapis Rug

For an eclectic, yet modern look, consider the colorful Lapis Rug from West Elm. Its textured pattern is printed on a nylon base, making it durable yet supple. The West Elm Lapis rug has the perfect balance of colors and pattern to complement any room. But don’t be fooled by its soft, vintage feel; this isn’t the plushest rug you can find.

High/Low Pile Rugs

A high/low pile rug has a simple design with minimal maintenance. The lower pile rugs have fewer loops, so they’re less likely to get dirty and stains. In addition, low pile rugs are easier to clean and maintain. This type of rug is a great choice for high-traffic rooms, as it can be vacuumed easily. It’s also an option if you don’t want to pay a lot of money for a high-pile rug.

Cut and Loop Rugs

The cut and loop technique consists of weaving yarn in different colors into one cylinder to produce a textured effect. The pile yarns are twisted and the ends are cut to form a design. This technique has two benefits: it gives the rug a more uniform appearance and can give the impression of 20 or more colors. It is also easier to maintain as the pile is level and does not wear off over time.

Discuss the Different Types of Rugs and Their Practical Uses

There are several different types of rugs. Among them, long-pile rugs have longer fibers, which increase the style factor of a room. These rugs, however, require more maintenance. They require more frequent vacuuming, as dust and dirt tend to get stuck between the fibers. Short-pile rugs are more affordable, but they act as accent pieces. Small-pile rugs are perfect for a guest room or accent piece.

1. Fabrics

The fabric used to make rugs varies, depending on the intended use. A rag rug is made of scraps of bedding, clothing, and even sacks. It has a prickly feel that feels good under the feet. You can also use rugs made of viscose rayon for more comfort.

2. Styles

Rugs were first woven for practical purposes, and then the craft evolved into an art form. Throughout history, people have used textiles for decoration in homes and palaces. From cave drawings to hunting scenes, rugs have become a versatile decoration item. Depending on where they were made, certain styles of rugs can depict specific tribes, cities, towns, and villages.

3. Cost

There are three price ranges for rugs. The lower price range includes all-purpose medium-to-large rugs, the middle price range contains smaller, more artistic rugs, and the high-end Oriental rug category covers the very expensive end.

4. Practical Uses

In addition to their decorative uses, rugs have practical uses as well. Rectangular rugs are the most common and are great for highlighting wide spaces. These rugs can be solid colors or have patterns. Often, rectangular rugs are used in living rooms and dining rooms. You need to take note of your rugs the way you check the size and dimensions of your mattress while buying. 


If you’re trying to style a modern home, one of the most important considerations is the style of your existing carpet. You’ll want to choose a rug that compliments your current carpet and ties everything together. If your current carpet is short-pile, you may want to consider investing in a shaggy wool rug. If your current carpet has a richer look, a woven wool rug may be just the ticket.

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