What is Google Organic Traffic?

Organic traffic generally refers to the visitors who land on your website through a search engine like Google but are not paid for. Google Analytics helps you separate the traffic coming from different sources. It reports the web traffic on your site that comes through SEO from the traffic and other referral channels, referral sites and paid advertisements.

If you are a Google Analytics account user or novice digital marketer, you must have heard “Organic Search Traffic”. Google Analytics offers various metrics, and one of those segments is Organic Search Traffic. It is used to check the organic traffic that comes to your website.

In Google Analytics, organic search is a source of traffic that gets the users to your website. The unpaid listing on SERPs is called organic search results. Paid results like text ads or Google shopping advertisements are not included in organic search results.

All search engines like Google rank the results based on quality, relevance to the keywords, search query, and other important factors. So, you can’t pay for organic listings. Google Analytics considers all the search engines as sources of organic traffic.

It tracks organic search traffic from a list of all search engines, including Google, Yahoo, Baidu, Bing, etc. The Google Analytics users can remove or add search engines to the list from the admin settings.

Organic search is very important for inbound and digital marketing. Check your organic traffic in Google Analytics to help you learn about how to improve your website and business. Here are some factors that make it essential for websites to value search traffic.

    • Search engines are one of the best ways to find information and answers to your questions. That is why people use popular search engines like Google. Organic Search generates more website traffic than other sources of traffic.
    • Your competitors are making their presence on search engines by optimizing for search. If you want to rank at the top in search results, you need to get optimization. Generally, most people prefer visiting the relevant sites that rank first in the search engines results.
    • So, if your website does not rank on the results page, you are more likely to lose a lot of traffic coming to your site. It is important to get your site optimized to improve its rankings.
    • The traffic to your site through organic search is usually interested in your brand, content, services or products, and whatever you offer. If the audience clicks on a site from organic search results, they are searching for your site’s content or services.
    • When your site ranks in the search result, the audience will consider your site more reliable. So, organic search rankings can increase the credibility of your site.
    • The best thing about organic search traffic is that you do not have to pay for it. It is a cost-effective approach to digital marketing.

Google Organic Traffic means the organic traffic that lands on your page through Google. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps in earning more organic search traffic. SEO includes different tools and strategies to increase your website’s rankings for relevant keywords on the search engines results page.

In this way, SEO can bring more qualified traffic to your site, actively searching for relevant keywords and interested in your services or content. Here are some important techniques that are used in SEO to increase organic traffic.


Keywords are very important when it comes to SEO. You need to conduct keyword research to determine which terms are more relevant to audience searches. When you create content about certain topics, you will need to add keywords throughout your content.


Backlinks mean the links from other sites that bring traffic to your website. It is another factor in SEO that helps increase your website’s ranking. Google considers your website credible if it has more links from trustworthy sites and increases your ranks.

To earn more backlinks, you have to reach out to other website publishers and bloggers and ask for links. Moreover, the quality of your content will help you in getting backlinks. More people will want to link to your website if your content is better in quality.

Page speed

One factor that we often neglect is page speed. The audience wants the website to load quickly. However, if your website takes a lot of time to load, the users are more likely to go away. Another important reason to have an excellent page speed is your site’s rankings. Google also considers the site’s page speed before ranking it on the search results page.

You might be thinking about how to check if your page speed is good enough. You can use Google’s PageSpeed Insight tool free of cost. This tool will help you check your page speed and recommend improving the page speed.


All these three factors are very important in SEO that helps in improving your rankings in search engines and increases Google organic traffic. You can research SEO and make improvements to your site all by yourself. However, consider hiring a professional SEO agency for better results as they know about all techniques and tools.

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