Try These Bars and Restaurants when You Live in Charlotte, NC

One of the best ways to get to know any city is to slide into the best bars or restaurants they have. Not only will you find some good eats and get to gauge what the local tastes are, but you’ll also get to meet locals who might want to show you around the city.

Charlotte is no different!

These are the best bars and restaurants in Charlotte, North Carolina, and why they’re a great way to learn more about the city.

1. Fahrenheit Charlotte

One of the best things to do the moment you get to town is to stop and check out the skyline! Although it’s not as impressive as NYC, Charlotte’s is still breathtaking when the sun sets, and the entire city seems to glitter.

Fahrenheit gives you a chance to stop and enjoy the best food and drinks you can get while looking over this fantastic view. Although the fare is more expensive than anything else on this list, it’s worth the price!

2. The Cellar at Duckworth’s

If a long day of looking at Charlotte houses for sale has left you thirsty, stop and get a drink and meal at The Cellar at Duckworth’s!

3. Workman’s Friend

Although the classic bar and pub look isn’t for everyone, Workman’s Friend has the history to back it up! This cozy gastropub offers craft beer, high food, and specialty cocktails in an indoor and outdoor environment.

This is the top-rated destination by locals, offering Plaza Midwood the title of being the busiest area on Friday and Saturday nights in Charlotte. Not only are the drinks and meals delicious, but they’re also fantastically affordable for any budget. This is a must-stop if you only have a couple of nights in town and want to make sure you get it right the first time.

4. Ri Ra Irish Pub

If you want to go drinking somewhere that could easily be in any American hometown, it’s time to stop and check out this Irish pub! Ri Ra Irish Pub is a fantastic stop full of delicious fried food and awesome stews that come alongside the best beer in the city.

The locals who gather here are friendly, and the staff is always eager to help and tell you the next stop you should make in the city. This is one of the most welcoming destinations in Charlotte!

5. Brazwells Pub

Sports are a way of life, and nobody knows that better than Brazwells Pub! This eatery and bar offer beer, awesome food, and endless televisions to watch whatever sport or show piques your interest. This is a great area to meet people who are like you and get to socialize without having to worry about what to talk about. Once a game starts, the conversation will flow as easily as the beers here do!

Charlotte Understands Flavor and Fun

Good food, awesome drinks, and fun company are all fantastic ways to get to know an area. If you’re ready to understand Charlotte better, head to one of these eateries or bars! You can visit more magazine valley

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