How To Use Football Squares For Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl is around the corner. However, this sport event is beyond watching the finals on television Sunday afternoon. Since the mega event is no less than a cultural festival, so Americans get into a festive mood. Many residents organize a Super Bowl Squares party to enjoy the season with family, friends, and colleagues. This one-of-a-kind betting activity is easy to play yet rewarding. So how does a football game board work? 

Go through this detailed guidebook about Super Bowl football Squares rules to throw a fun party for your guests. 

What are Super Bowl Squares?

Super Bowl Squares is one of the sports gambling options played during the finals of the annual championship league. The game proceeds in four stages, including the first, second, third, and fourth quarters. 

Also called Super Bowl pool, the game follows a simple strategy. You don’t have to master specific skill sets to win the bet. Yes, you read that right! 

However, a Super Bowl Squares game board or template is crucial to place wagers on your desired outcomes. Nowadays, you can also play the game on online sports betting sites to compete with other Super Bowl enthusiasts. 

How to Play Super Bowl Pool?

Anyone can organize a Super Bowl pool party at home with an accurate game board. Follow this guide on how to use football squares for Super Bowl Sunday

Setting a Grid

A 10×10 grid template is a foundation to play Super Bowl Squares. This game layout has ten columns and rows each. But how do you set up a square football board? 

The game’s organizer or bookie assigns the squares on a 10×10 grid to both the teams contesting for the annual championship trophy. For instance, you can allocate rows to Chiefs and columns to Eagles for the Super Bowl 2023 board game. 

This template gives you 100 squares that players can use to place bets. Leave one row and column empty to assign numbers in the next step. 

Once the grid template is ready, you can invite others to join the Super Bowl Pool challenge. Participants can now buy their desired squares from the game board. They can add their initials on the purchased cells, which will help the pool administrator to evaluate the game’s result. 

Assigning Numbers on Board

Here comes the last but most significant part of setting the Super Bowl Squares board for gambling. An administrator will now assign the numbers from 0 to 9 to the blank row and column. Each participant gets two numbers when the board is full.  

Make sure to put numbers randomly without any patterns. Online sportsbooks also follow an auto and random number-assigning process for the football squares game. It gives a fair winning chance to every participant. 

Evaluating the Pot Winner

You can determine the Super Bowl Squares winner based on the matchup between two finalists. For this, you need to check the last digit of the scores after all four quarters. So how does a football numbers board work to declare the winner? 

Suppose the Eagles upset the Chiefs during the final quarter with 18-27. The last number for the Eagles is 7, while for the Chiefs is 8. Now find the intersecting point of these digits on the Super Bowl pool board. The participant assigned with squares 8 for the Chiefs and 7 for the Eagles is the pot winner. 

Is there a strategy for picking football squares? 

The only trick that may work is if you get the magic digits, i.e., 0, 3, and 7. Usually, the game’s score ends with these best numbers for football squares due to field goals and TD points. However, random allotment of numbers after purchasing the squares makes it less likely. 

Hence, the Super Bowl pool can be without strategic planning. It’s a game of pure luck. 

How do Football Squares Payout?

The standard payout rule for Super Bowl Squares betting is 20% pot each for the initial three quarters. The winner receives a 40% reward for the fourth or final quarter.

However, the rulebook can vary when playing online based on your chosen sportsbooks.

Tips to To Play Super Bowl Squares

  • You can download printable templates online to avoid drawing the grid manually.
  • The recommended number of participants in the Super Bowl pool game is 20 to 30. The payout amount increases with the number of players participating in the board game.
  • Players can buy more than one square. Multiple bets improve the chances of beating the odds.
  • You can also set different payout rules for the game, such as an increased percentage of the pot prize for every next quarter.
  • If playing the game with a smaller group, you can switch to a 5×5 board grid.
  • Buying squares diagonally may improve your probability of getting winning outcomes. 

Wrapping Up

Undoubtedly, anyone can play the Super Bowl Pool game without struggling to win the bet. The thrill of watching the match live while earning a few bucks will set a perfect environment during the annual championship league. It’s time to get lucky!


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