How to stop procrastinating?

Do you know the worst enemy of student life? It’s to procrastinate. It can waste a lot of your time and delay important work to a great extent. But, there are certain ways to master this ill-habit 

The time to take control of your life into your own hands and become proactive is here. Let’s look at some of the top-notch ways to deal with this enemy called procrastination. We are sure that most of these upcoming tips can help you with that. 

Top Tips to Master Procrastination

Calm down, take a breath 

Sometimes you might be too hard on yourself, refusing to take breaks and not giving your body any kind of rest. But you can’t handle it anymore, you start showing signs of procrastination. The first thing to overcome procrastination is catching your breath for some time and then getting back to your desk.  

We know that we can’t work well if we can’t rest well. Taking a break doesn’t necessarily signify scrolling social media or being around gadgets. It could be something like stepping back from a reckless life, self-introspection, and tuning into our real selves. 

Work or study at a time when you are most efficient 

Every individual has their own active time when they feel most productive in a day. So, just listen to what your mind and body is suggesting and pick up study time accordingly. 

Finish the difficult tasks at any time or night when you feel most productive and energized. Once you make it a habit, dealing with procrastination will be easier. 

Take it easy, rather than stressing out 

Do you often think about results or what if you fail whenever you sit to study? Stressing too much about the outcome can only lead to procrastination and have a negative impact on  the chances of your success. 

Remember that any particular exam is not your life and go easy on yourselves. You can also talk with your seniors, mentors, or friends who motivate you and release stress.

Do tasks in segments 

Another hack to master procrastination is segmenting your tasks. Suppose you are having difficulties completing a complicated chapter and procrastinating every time. You can divide it into sub-chapters and assign a time to read all of them. 

As you keep wrapping up the completed chapters, you will feel that it was not as tough as you initially thought. Once you gain your confidence, procrastination is bound to fade away.

Change in place can be impactful

Every student feels bored or stuck at some point in time and seeks ways to avoid procrastination while studying. In that case, consider changing your space. Go to some airy place or a place you find peaceful that could help you break a monotonous pattern. Even if you’re taking a course from the school management software or attending a live lecture, a temporary change could be helpful. 

This will encourage you to concentrate better, coming out of your boredom.  Changing places for a change could be a booster to your creative aspect of the mind. So, try it to see if it works in your case. 

Cut down the possible distractions 

If you start procrastinating more often, this is because you surround yourself with the things that make procrastination easier. The perfect deal method is to remove all the distractions like social media, pop-up notifications of emails, etc. Some people also go for extreme ways like deleting social media apps to avoid distractions. 

But it is not so feasible as distractions don’t go away overnight, but you might end up being anxious. Instead, focus on self-control and set time for both work and entertainment. 

Many experts who create courses using seamless lms portal, often suggest this practice to discard procrastination. 

Take breaks when needed 

If you delay your tasks thinking that you can complete them in a single sitting, you might not be doing it in the right way.  Many of us tend to avoid work till the last moment when panic hits. It can develop a stressful situation and you might not do it properly. 

Instead, frequent breaks in between the study sessions might be better and helpful. You can use the Pomodoro technique if your attention span is short but still want to be productive. Just keep in mind that you don’t start scrolling reels for hours instead of a 15 min break. 

Wrapping up

Procrastination is a severely worst thing and mastering it will not occur overnight. You need to be patient with your habits and slowly get hold of this habit. Try out the suggested practices and it might yeild great outcome. 

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