How men’s toupees stay on: The different ways of attaching wigs for men

It’s no secret that hair loss is common amongst men – whether it’s due to medical conditions, genetics, or stress, it happens. Hairpieces and wigs for men are increasingly becoming more popular as a result, and there isn’t a better time to own a toupee! 

You can learn to properly attach toupees at home as it can save you the trip down to the hair salon. This can also be a great way to save money too. It should be a goal to ensure the longevity of their hair pieces and one major factor in determining a hairpiece’s longevity is the adhesive products used on your hair system. You must ensure that it suits your lifestyle, climate, and comfort level.

You can also increase the lifespan of your hair piece if you’re able to properly attach, remove, and maintain it to its fullest capabilities. This can be done by using either tape specifically for toupees or adhesives. 

Here are step-by-step instructions on achieving the highest quality natural look using easy attachment methods. You can also view the video below:

Thin Skin Hair System Installation | Detailed Step-By-Step Process

The first step is the preparation before the procedure. Whether you use adhesives or tape, wash your scalp and ensure that your skin is dry and clean. Eliminating oils and dirt is an essential step. Having clean skin will provide additional durability as the hairpiece will have a stronger hold. 

To further protect your skin, apply a scalp protector as this can help prevent irritation from tape and glue. Moreover, it’s great for daily use as it provides additional firmness for those with oily skin.

Difference Between Wig Tape & Glue Adhesives for Hair Systems

Glue adhesive 

Wig glue or liquid adhesives provide a stronger bond between the scalp and toupee than tape. Using glue also provides a more precise attachment. There are water-based or silicone-based liquid adhesives – both are very different, thus, ensure you’re following the specific instructions on the bottle. 

Below are four easy steps to ensure a pleasant attachment procedure. 

  1. Brush a thin layer of your chosen adhesive on your scalp. Depending on what hairpiece you have, it might be required to apply multiple layers of adhesive. Ensure you allow each layer to dry before applying more.
  2. Place the front of the hairpiece at your desired hairline point. Gradually move backwards and press down on the toupee to ensure a bond between the adhesive and the scalp. 
  3. Observe any loose edges and ensure a firm bond to the adhesive. 
  4. After successfully attaching the hair piece via the adhesive, you’ll have to avoid getting your toupee wet. Avoid washing your head, exercising and sweating for at least 24 hours to ensure the adhesive has plenty of time to cure and solidify.


If you’re looking for a quick and easier way to attach your hairpiece without being concerned about the holding period, use wig tape or toupee tape. Keep in mind, there are different types of tapes in the market that come in different forms, sizes and shapes.

  1. Figure out if you’d prefer a pre-made tape or if you’re proceeding with a roll.
  2. Start by cutting some small pieces of tape.
  3. You’d want to stick the tape within the edges of the hairpiece. Peel the first layers off the tape, then place the sticky side on the inside edges of your hair system. 
  4. Once satisfied with the placement of the tapes, peel off the second layer and press down on the outer edges of the toupee for a secure hold. After that, follow the same steps as above and attach your hair system!

What’s beautiful about owning a hairpiece is that it’s yours! You can do whatever you desire. There are three main attachment options, the main two being tape and adhesive. If you prefer to stay away from either tape or glue, you can always transition to using clips. Some hair systems can be attached with clips, but keep in mind that you do require to have a good portion of hair remaining in order for them to work.

All in all, hairpieces for men are easy to attach, comfortable to wear, and easy to learn to do at home. 


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