How do you know if your breasts are sagging?

There are different degrees of sagging of the breasts. Many women may not realize that their breasts are starting to sag. Since it is still in the early stages, but the sagging breasts are found in the early stages, you can exercise specific parts to lift the breasts. So how do we know if the breasts are starting to sag? There are ways to observe and check your breasts as follows:

  1. Observe the hill of the chest.

breast sagging It’s a change that we can observe. Just opt ​​for a low neckline or a deep neckline to reveal the bust. Then keep observing if you find that the chest hill is not at the same level. or lower than usual That means that the sagging breasts have already begun.

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  1. Keep an eye on the nipples.

observation of the nipple It can indicate the sagging of the breasts. The standard of nipple level is usually in the center of the breast. and pointed straight ahead If you notice that the nipple level starts to drop at least 3 cm, it is an intermediate problem. but if found moving down to the lowest point of the breast That is the problem of sagging breasts that must be solved.

  1. Equality of the chest

How to easily notice that our breasts are sagging or not? Is it to observe the equality of the breasts If you find that both breasts are pointing down unevenly? (Even though most people’s breasts are not the same but can notice the appearance of the breast and nipple) or has one side pointing outwards This means that the breasts are very sagging and may require a surgical tightening of the breasts to bring back equal firmness on both breasts.

Who should have breast lift surgery?

– People who have problems with sagging breasts

– People who feel that their breasts or breasts lack firmness, bounce, or lack flexibility.

– Characteristics of people with flat and long breasts and not tight

– People who find that the nipple part and the nipple circle are pointing downwards which clearly indicates the sagging nature of the breast

– Notice that the part of the chest hill is missing and feel that the breasts are not proportional

– found that the breasts are not the same size or whether one breast is longer or shorter than the other

– People who have problems with skin stretching have stretch marks and the part of the birthmark expanded more.

Assessment before breast lift

In breast lift surgery It is a surgical operation that is detailed and requires high surgical safety. Therefore, consulting the surgeon who will perform the surgery It is important and necessary to assess the patient’s breasts. Because each person has different needs and characteristics of the breast, an assessment can help determine which individual problem is suitable for a breast lift. The things that the doctor will assess initially are as follows:

– Start assessing the appearance of the breasts, breasts

– Assess the size and shape of the breasts

– Assess the width and length as well as the distance between the two breasts.

– Considered by the degree of sagging of the breast Each individual has different problems.

For the process of evaluating the problem of those who want to have breast lift surgery. This is the basis that a surgeon must evaluate before performing a breast lift surgery on someone who has already had problems. In some cases, your doctor may have additional questions.

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