Create a jaw-dropping effect with your necklace styling

There’s always a typical question that lingers in your mind when it comes to necklace styling – Should I opt for a statement, choker or long necklace? The simplest pair of necklaces to wear with any neckline is the longer variety. The necklace length clears a scoop, V, boat or drape neckline. Irrespective of whether you wish to opt for a shorter or longer necklace, you wouldn’t want it to bump up against the neckline. So, you need to opt for one that is around half an inch to one inch above the neckline or choose one that drops under the neckline several inches at least. 

Longer versions like v-neck tops help lengthen the neckline and they look flattering. If you opt for chokers, you need to note that they will shorten the neckline, which often becomes a challenging style to flaunt. If you are short, you need to watch how long your long necklace goes. If it goes right below your bustline, then it’s good; if it touches your belly button, then it’s just too long. 

Here is a guide to help you choose trendy necklace designs in gold that help create a jaw-dropping effect. 

Necklines and necklaces

The popular pieces in history seemed to rely on the trendy necklines of that era. In general, ornate necklines skipped necklaces, whilst lower cut necklines were complemented by valuable neckpieces. Shorter necklaces such as collars and chokers were at peak status in the 15th century, when several portraits included these jewellery pieces worn either high on the women’s neck or over the collarbones. The Victorian age brought the matching jewellery set in trend, with unified earring types, several kinds of bracelets, brooches and pendants being the typical standard. Necklaces were mostly reserved for eveningwear, whilst brooches and pendants were more of a daytime essential. Throughout the later years of the Victorian era, high collar dresses became more common, however, eveningwear was retained for décolletage and was often complemented by a multi-layer choker or various pearl necklaces at varying lengths. 

What is the most trendy necklace length?

The princess necklace varieties are deemed to be the standard necklace lengths. They measure around 17 – 18 inches and are appropriate for a wide variety of day-to-night attire. One more standard necklace with great popularity is the choker necklace which measures around 14 and 16 inches.

Should I opt for a 16-inch necklace or an 18-inch necklace?

The precise necklace length depends on various factors – most significantly, your choice of outfit. Longer necklace types tend to look good with high or plunging necklines. Picking the appropriate necklace depends on the body shape as well. A 16-inch necklace will drop lower on a petite lady than on a curvier lady. 

What is the most satisfying necklace length?

The standard necklace models amounts to 16 inches. This length is gratifying on all women and it typically will fall on the clavicle.

How to assess the necklace Length

You need to have a clear understanding of what the numbers denote, where the necklaces will be positioned and what décolletages they will be appropriate for. 

You can try a mock necklace. If you wish to get an outline of your neckline and wish to get a feel of how it may look, then you can cut a string piece of similar length. You need to lay down a string on your table and mark it. Cut it at the required length. Place it around your neck and notice the position of the necklace.

You can experiment with string or chain. If you would like to try out a new necklace type than what you typically own, you can play with a simple long string or chain and take a good look at yourself in the mirror until you acquire the most flattering length. Mark the string or chain and gauge it. Now, all you have to do is go shopping. 

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