Can You Win Big On Online Slots?

The gambling industry continues to expand as more people play their favourite casino games. With the advancement of technology, people can access slot machines anywhere in the world with just a few clicks. So, maximum entertainment is assured, whether you play free slot games from the comfort of your living room or at land-based casinos.

There is no ultimate strategy to consistently win on machines, as it was designed to receive more money than it disburses. Unfortunately, slots are designed to attract you and drain you of your money. They depend outrightly on luck; click the spin button and hope the outcome will be in your favour.

Mega Moolah progressive slot by Microgaming boasts the Guinness World Record for the biggest payout in the history of online gambling. In October 2015, a British soldier, Jon Heywood, hit a record-breaking Mega Moolah Mega jackpot price at 13.2 million Euros. In 2020, the slot had eight progressive jackpot winners, paying out over $70 million to winners. The size of the progressive jackpot keeps increasing as more people win.

Though the odds of winning are always in the house’s favour, a few tricks can shift the odds in your favour. This article will give a few of these tricks.

Understand the Payout Percentages on Slots

Players need to research the payout percentage Of their preferred slots before wagering their cash. You can find this information on the pay table, published online by the casino provider. There are also several websites dedicated to telling you the payout percentages of different slots. The Return to Player (RTP) percentage and Volatility are two concepts every player must understand


RTP is expressed in percentage. This figure represents the amount of money a player can win while playing a particular slot. For example, a slot with a 96% RTP means you should expect a return of $98 on every $100 stake. In other words, $4 loss. If Good fortune is on your side, you might go on to win the jackpot prize.

The higher the RTP percentage, the higher the slot machine will payout. An average RTP percentage is around 96-97%. Most software providers leave the percentage high, paying small amounts regularly. This is to allow players to have a feel of winning on slot machines.


Slot volatility refers to the frequency at which a slot triggers a win and the payout size. It is simply the factor that determines a player’s success in the short term.

High Volatility slots have a low frequency of winning but a higher payout. This is synonymous with a low RTP percentage. Likewise, low volatility slots are games with a high winning frequency but little payouts. 

Set your Bankroll

Setting a bankroll helps to be in control of your bet and curb addiction.

Bankroll is the amount players set aside for gambling. Gambling can be entertaining and addictive. Most problem gamblers do not know when they become addicted because slots are exciting. It is easy to get carried away and spend above your budget, hoping to make it back in multiple folds.

Setting a bankroll will help you be in control of your bets.

Use Promotions and Offers to your Advantage

Online casinos offer their existing and new customers lucrative offers with amazing welcome bonuses like artio. These bonuses can come in the form of free spins, which allow players to spin reels for free.

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