A Few Unusual Masters Courses in India

Are you not sure about which subject to pursue at university? While there are multiple common master’s courses in India that you can pursue, there are certain unusual interesting courses as well that are not just unique but has great scope. But before jumping into a decision you should have a brief knowledge about the course and evaluate whether it will suit you or not. 

Opting for an unusual course is a great way to stand out from the crowd and show the world that you are capable of something more. To help you out on the right path, here is a list of certain unusual master’s courses in India.

Unusual masters courses

Following is the list for you to choose from:

  1. PG in Electric Vehicle– This particular course initiates potential candidates to emerge in the area of electrical vehicles & helps candidates learn all the basics and dynamics of electric vehicles. This particular course revolves solely around the specialization of electric cars. The aim is to teach engineers about various technologies in the field of electronic engineering. The knowledge from this course can be applied to the development of hybrid and electric vehicles (sometimes conventional vehicles too). Note that there is a huge scope in this field, as in recent years more and more startups are hiring electrical vehicle engineers to join their firm. However, a person should have creativity and passion for cars to succeed in this field.
  2. Autonomous vehicle courseAutonomous vehicle courses involve providing practical knowledge and experience in different self-driving concepts such as computer vision and machine learning. This particular master’s degree is one such degree in the world that allows students to think beyond the curve, it helps students learn about cutting-edge technology and robotics through which engineers can gather end-to-end practical and theoretical knowledge about self-driving cars. Since most renowned car companies are shifting towards manufacturing autonomous cars, there is a great scope in this industry.
  3. Museology– Another most unusual course in India is museology which involves studying the ins & outs of museums. This includes studying the procedures revolving around the organisation, management, collection of documents & research, security etc. If you have an interest in history and artefacts, this course will be your dream subject.
  4. Public health Entomology- This particular course revolves around the behavioural patterns of different species that can affect the health of human beings. This course teaches several resolutions to protect human beings from disease-causing insects and organisms. 
  5. Master’s degree in spacecraft designing- This particular course involves learning about designing space crafts and various other complex aspects related to space crafts, including various methods to integrate certain complex technical systems. 
  6. Master’s degree in water engineering- Did you know there is a whole master’s course dedicated to dealing with water crises, reducing child mortality rate and increasing the food supply? Well, if you want to bring some changes to society, you can definitely go for this course. 

Research more about the above-mentioned master’s degree and choose one that suits your interests. 

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