5 Reasons Why Every Kitchen Needs a Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron cookware enhances the taste of the food! It gives the food a rustic and real taste, compared to the non-stick pans. Cast iron products date back a long way. Many authentic cuisines were invented and cooked on it.

Cast iron cookwares include a huge range of utensils, namely — Frypan, Kadhai, Grill pan.

There are a lot of mainstream reasons why you should have a cast iron cookware set such as versatile cooking, even heating, high durability, health benefits and others. However, we will be looking at some underrated reasons why you should invest in a cast iron cookware set.

  • Ultimate Patio Cooking

Don’t we love a barbecue night? That rustic tandoor or grilling feel comes when cast iron cookware is put on high flame. A cooking so fiery and messy that your kitchen won’t like it. All hail the cast iron skillets… from grills, to wok tosses — turn your garden cooking into gourmet.

It goes even beyond outside cooking. Cast iron cookware is suitable for all kinds of burners — gas cooktops, induction, ceramic, electric, halogen and oven.

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  • Heat Retention for Serving

    Are you wondering how cool sizzlers look in restaurants when they come to your table with all fumes? Well, with a cast iron cookware set, you can plate sizzlers too at your home. Not just sizzlers, you can use cast iron cookware to keep meals hot. As a metal, iron can retain heat for a long time.
  • Artisanal Appeal

Cast iron products were always largely loved by several people. That preference is still present amongst a lot of consumers. Thus, even in cafes, several food items are plated in cast iron cookware. This adds an aesthetic sense to the gourmet and also gives it a grounding appeal. 

Iron cookwares have always been associated with the roots of Indian culinary art. It still holds its heritage very strongly. The best cuisines were often made in iron pots and pans.

  • Non stick cast iron

A lot of people are stigmatized thinking that anything we cook on an iron pot or pan is most likely to stick at the bottom, but that is far from the truth. There are very simple ways of making it non-stick by seasoning it with some oil and dabbing it clean with a tissue. Moreover, whatever you cook on a cast iron pan will help you gain the iron properties of that cookware.

On top of such a crazy advantage, these utensils are highly durable and adds flavor to the food.

  • Connection to Sustainable Cooking Practices

It is the high time for everyone to practice sustainability, therefore we must adapt practices that leads to very less waste. Cast Iron utensils are extremely durable thus last for decades leading to lesser frequent purchases, thus lesser production (and the related wastages). It is a conscious choice on the part of the consumer to go on the slow fashion way, to get a cast iron cookware set that can be passed from one generation to the next.

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