5 new Instagram features you should know about

Instagram never stands still! The visual network is changing on a daily basis and is constantly adding new functions to the Instagram cosmos that make the network more interesting, but also more complicated. Below we present the five most important innovations so that you have a practical overview of the new possibilities for your Instagram marketing. Below you will find an older version of the article and 5 Instagram functions that are of course still tried and tested.

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If you are interested in learning these new functions in practice, an individual workshop or in-house training is worthwhile . But now let’s get started with the new Instagram functions and helpful tips:

1.Instagram Reels

TikTok showed how it’s done and Instagram took photeeq photeeq the opportunity to focus more on videos. The reels were born. It started with lip sync videos and now they are funny, beautiful or informative short moving pictures. The trick is that the videos work best with music or sounds.

You have two options for creating a reel. Either you look for the right song or sound snippet and produce a video for it. Or you have a finished video sequence and are looking for the appropriate music. In any case, you can further edit the recordings with filters and cut them together. Then only a meaningful caption is missing and of course you must not forget the hashtags! After all, nothing works on Instagram without hashtags.

Reels are definitely on the rise and are currently being pushed by Instagram. A reel like this gives you a whole new range and built into the feed it is also a little change for your fans.

Why should you use the reels? On the one hand, the reels offer you a new algorithm and a new area to be discovered by potential customers. Furthermore, the reels are made for the tourism industry. Because the short videos are played in full screen and, in combination with music, create the ideal inspiration and holiday feeling. This also works if you only use cell phone videos. Show nature, attractions or highlights and arouse emotions with a suitable sound. Whether you fuel longing or make your fans laugh is up to you.

  1. Instagram Reel Remix

Now that you’re familiar with Reels, you’re ready to take it up a notch with the Reel Remix. As you know, Instagram is a social network and thrives on interaction. That’s what the Reel Remix is ​​all about. You can react to or interact with an existing reel.

To create a remix, you choose a reel and open the menu under the 3 points. Here you select “Remix this reel”. Now the selected reel will appear on the left side of the screen and on the right side you can record and edit your reel. Of course, the remix also works the other way around. Make up a reel by asking your fans to remix it.

With the reel remix you bring more interaction into your channel, your fans and Instagram like that too. If you create a remix yourself, you can increase your reach and if you ask for a remix, you will get user-generated content from your holiday region.

  1. Music now also in the business account

If you skipped the first two points because you thought “That’s nice, but there’s no music with the business account”, you can scroll up again after this section. Because Instagram has now also introduced music for the business accounts.

This means that reels and stories can now be easily supplemented with music. The selection is not quite as large as in the private accounts, but you will certainly find what you are looking for in the music library and can save short clips with music and publish them as reels or make your stories even more interesting with music. For the reels, you can find music in the edit menu on the left. To add a song to a story, use the corresponding music sticker in the sticker menu.

In the large music library, it is easy to lose track. It is advisable to enter a short keyword in the search field and only listen to the pre-selection. You can always listen to a short snippet of the song. If you then select the song, you can freely choose and change the excerpt. So if you like the mood of the song, but the preview snippet doesn’t quite fit, then give the song a chance and find the right part for you.

Why should you use music now if you could do without it before? Songs evoke emotions faster than we can read. In combination with great pictures, you can create a holiday feeling in seconds, because the music supports exactly what you want to say with your picture. Give it a try.

  1. Instagram Guides

Something new. With the guides, Instagram is now also using more text. Structured in a similar way to a blog article, the guides provide your potential customers with collected information.

Guides can be created for the categories Places, Products and Posts. According to Instagram, you can recommend your favorite places, present your favorite products or collect your favorite posts. To do this, you add a crisp headline and structure your guide with individual paragraphs or subheadings. For each sub-point you write an exciting text in storytelling format and of course you choose pictures. How should it be any different on Instagram. The special thing is that you don’t upload any new photos, but use the entire Instagram image pool and thus also photos posted by other users.

Instagram now offers the possibility of external links in the stories, but they are gone after 24 hours and not every story should be turned into a highlight. With the guides you can mirror content from your website on Instagram and present it to your potential customers. Use the guides to tell more about you and your destination and to inspire your fans.

How much work and time you put into a guide is entirely up to you. Try it out and see how your fans like it.

With guides to places, they give their fans and guests tips for excursions and stops.

  1. Panorama in the Instagram Carousel

We’re all familiar with Instagram’s carousel feature. You don’t just publish one photo, but several and the user can then swipe through the pictures. You all know that panorama photos and pictures in landscape format are not published because they are simply too narrow. But these two things basically work perfectly together!

Do you have a dreamlike panoramic photo of your holiday region or the view from your hotel terrace and you would like to publish it on Instagram? Then simply break up the panorama image into three to four square images and post them as a carousel to swipe through. The experience is much greater for your fans and potential customers than with a normal post.

For cropping, you can use Photoshop, Canva, or whatever photo editing software you know, or you can choose one of the many photo cropping apps. Then all you have to do is upload the images in the correct order. With the first posts in this format, it is best to briefly point out in the text what a great experience your fans can expect when swiping.


Instagram is constantly evolving and inventing new features. But you don’t have to follow every trend and try out all the functions. The only important thing is that you pick out the innovations that bring you and your account closer to your potential customers. The exchange with the community is in the foreground and all innovations are geared towards this. Used correctly, Instagram can provide wonderful support for your tourism marketing and, in addition to inspiration, can also provide real exchange about your product.

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