10 Best Blogs to Learn English

If you are on your journey of learning English, you must want some resources to learn this language at home.

Well, there are a lot of websites, videos, and channels that can help you in learning English. But blogs are goldmines to learn the ins and outs of the English language.

You can learn grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation and can build your language skills by reading the blogs of credible tutors and writers.

So, let’s look at the list of famous English language blogs.

1. Greenopolis:

Greenopolis has a variety of articles on different topics which can enhance your English language skills and knowledge about various topics.

There are articles containing a list of vocabulary words on Greenopolis that can familiarize you with new terms.

You can also find different tips and tricks for making your English language better.

Also, there are different articles related to finance, life tips, and other topics which will acquaint you with different concepts of life.

2. BBC Learning Language:

BBC Learning Language’s website is full of different resources which will teach you various aspects of the English language.

It contains blogs that British writers write with impeccable grammar and have different videos and activities related to the English language.

These videos and activities are best for beginners, intermediate, and advanced-level learners.

3. Perfect English Grammar:

Perfect English Grammar is a blog that will teach you different aspects of grammar and make learning grammar fun.

Their interactive style will never bore you, and their grammar exercises will help you to evaluate your grammar’s pitfalls.

4. Phrase Mix:

This blog will help you identify different phrases in English and how to use them in your content.

It is also full of different tips regarding learning the English language, which you can apply to become a better speaker.

The tone of this blog is friendly and humorous, which keeps you engaged, and the articles are short but packed with information that will not take much of your time to consume.

5. FluentU English:

You will find language tips, grammar and vocabulary lessons, motivational tips, and suggestions for great resources to learn English.

This website also has different videos to teach English which can make your language-learning journey fun. Their videos contain interactive subtitles and personalized quizzes, making them unique and informative.

6. ESL Hip Hop:

You can learn different concepts of English grammar and vocabulary through hip-hop music.

So, if you are a fan of music (or not), this blog is full of entertaining and educative information for you.

The writer has analyzed different hip-hop music to teach various aspects of the English language to the readers.

The blog also contains videos, picture dictionaries, and vocabulary lists to enhance the knowledge of their readers.

7. English Grammar Revolution:

If you want to learn English grammar in a fun and interactive way so that rules remain in your mind, you should go for this blog.

It teaches you grammar through sentence diagramming. The diagrams will tell you how words are related to each other.

They also have free videos and guidebooks that can help you learn grammar without difficulty.

8. Rolls off the tongue:

You will laugh and learn the language simultaneously while reading their blogs. Their blogs explain different English jokes and tell why they are funny.

These blogs help us in learning about English culture and idioms. There are also quizzes, multiple choice games, and a “guess the idiom” section which will make the learning interactive.

9. ABA English:

It is an excellent English learning blog combining texts and videos. It covers various topics ranging from pronunciation tips to learning slang and English with music.

10.  Real Life English:

Real Life English is a multi-platform that contains YouTube channels, podcasts, and blog posts which teach English through real-life situations.

Their blogs and videos contain all aspects of English fluency, pronunciation, grammar, slang, English language tips, and tricks, and they help you become a great English speaker.

They also have a paid course linked to their website, which you can avail to deepen your learning.

Wrap Up:

These are the ten blogs that can help you enhance your English writing, reading, speaking, and listening skills, along with tips to speed up your learning process.

These blogs are best for beginners and advanced learners, so you should dedicate your time to reading these blogs.

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