How to Wear Your Bridal Sets – Smart Fashion Tips for the Modern Bride

When it comes to wedding jewelry, there aren’t any rules that say you need to wear them in a certain way. Even the traditional way of wearing wedding day diamond jewelry is subject to change. The same goes for bridal sets. You can wear your engagement ring and wedding ring in whichever way you want. 

Matching your bridal sets is important if you want to look good on your wedding day. But on which finger should you wear your engagement ring? Is it okay to wear it on the same finger as your wedding ring? What kind of bridal set look fits you best?

If you’re looking for inspiration on how to wear bridal sets, then you’re in the right place. The article lists some tips on how to wear your bridal sets so that it highlights your features best. Every bride wants to look good on their wedding day; you can, too, with this guide!

What Are Bridal Sets?

It has been a tradition for men to buy a proposal ring before they pop the question. After the woman says “yes,” the couple will then go on to buy the right engagement ring for them. And during wedding preparations, they need to choose a wedding ring to seal their love for each other. 

While hunting for the right rings with your partner is fun, it can also be time-consuming. Not to mention, finding a wedding ring that matches your engagement ring can be troublesome.

That’s why these days, you can find wedding sets or bridal sets in any jewelry store. This takes away any problems you will encounter when choosing the ideal engagement ring and wedding band. 

If you don’t know what these are, bridal sets are a set of jewelry you wear during your wedding. They often include engagement rings and wedding rings that complement one another. The two rings often match each other in terms of color and setting. This way, you’ll have a distinctive, coordinating set that looks amazing when you wear it.

To skip the trouble of finding wedding jewelry that matches each other, go for bridal sets. Just imagine how much money you can save by getting two rings for the price of one instead of buying two separate rings. You can also choose a ring setting based on your and your partner’s preferences, skin tone, and expectations.

How Should You Wear Your Bridal Sets?

Once you know which bridal set to buy for your wedding, next comes the styling. This can depend on many factors, such as the size of your fingers, your preference, or how your gown looks. Some bridal sets also work best when worn in a certain way.

In any case, find out below in which style you should wear your bridal set:

1. Wear Wedding Rings First, Then Engagement Rings on Top

The traditional way of wearing your bridal set is to wear your engagement ring on top of your wedding ring. It was a Catholic and Eastern European custom to take off your engagement ring before your wedding. You can only then put it back on top of your wedding ring after the ceremony. 

But make sure you keep your engagement ring in a secure place. As a bride, you’ll be too busy on your wedding day. Give it to your mom or any other family member. Have them put it in a box and store it somewhere safe, maybe in their purse or in the car.

Get This Style:

Wearing a less ornate wedding ring underneath the more ornate engagement ring is more comfortable. Again, it all depends on how the rings fit together. Consider wearing a 3-carat diamond ring with a gold wedding band as part of your bridal set. The gold color on your wedding band will help balance the sparkle and weight of a 3-carat diamond ring.

2. Wear Engagement Rings First, Then Wedding Rings on Top

One popular choice for wearing bridal sets is to wear wedding rings on top of engagement rings. This is the easiest way to style your bridal set during the ceremony. Since you already have the engagement ring, you can wear it while walking down the aisle. Once you reach the altar, your partner can put the wedding ring on top of it.

But before wearing them this way, make sure that your wedding ring is made to sit on top of your engagement ring.

Get This Style:

In this arrangement, you need to find wedding bands for women with curvature. This will highlight a solitaire engagement ring of your choice, especially with this Moonbeam ring. The curve on the wedding ring sits perfectly over the halo setting of the solitaire diamond ring beneath it. 

This style gives your engagement ring the security it needs when you put a curved wedding band over it. You can’t deny that engagement rings are more expensive than wedding rings. So it’s perfectly understandable if you don’t want your engagement ring to slip off after the wedding ceremony.

3. Wear Wedding Rings on Your Left Finger, And Engagement Rings on the Right

Wearing wedding rings on the left hand and engagement rings on the right hand is a less common practice. But if you have shorter fingers and find ring stacking bothersome, this style is for you. It also suits you if you think wearing two rings on the same finger is unappealing.

You might think that you’ll have to skip buying bridal sets if you want to wear the rings on separate hands. That won’t be the case at all since some bridal sets are made for this style. Some sets have each ring with different metals or gems. They will shine on their own if you don’t wear them together.

Stacking your bridal set gives off a more relaxed vibe. But wearing two rings on separate fingers gives off a more sophisticated and elegant effect.

Get This Style:

Diamond and gold bridal sets are classic. But if your diamond bridal set has different settings, you can avoid having your rings clash by keeping them separate.

This also works if you want to wear a diamond tennis bracelet. It creates a stunning and elegant modern look that highlights both your wedding and engagement ring.

4. Wear Engagement Rings on a Chain, then Wedding Rings on Your Hand

If you want a unique way of styling your bridal sets, this is the style you’re looking for. This is an excellent alternative if you don’t enjoy wearing your ring on your fingers. Keep your diamond pendant at home and replace it with your engagement ring. It’s the best way to secure your engagement ring during the ceremony while also displaying its elegance.

Get This Style:

To make your neckline gleam, get a diamond engagement ring that is simple yet highlights the diamond more. You also want your engagement ring that has a setting that can secure the diamond in place. This way, you won’t have to worry about the diamond falling off your ring when you walk down the aisle.

Try this braided bridal set with a classic solitaire diamond ring with a hidden halo setting. This type of engagement ring setting gives you a good look at the diamond on your ring, which makes it look bigger. It also comes with a braided wedding band to match the braid style on your engagement ring.

Wrap Up

With a matching bridal set, you can find a perfect match for your engagement ring. The wedding bands that come with the set will always complement it. 

You don’t have to wear your bridal set in a way that others do. You can choose a style of your own preference and still look beautiful with a bridal set. Upgrading to a bridal set can provide more diamonds and sparkles for both your engagement and wedding ring.

If you don’t like the bridal sets on display, you can ask a trusted jeweler to customize one for you. So don’t hesitate to consult them to help with the design. They will make sure that your entire bridal set looks great together.

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