How career counselling benefits freshers

It is undeniably tough to navigate and begin your career as a fresher. To start with, you need to go through the gruelling process of sifting through job postings on several websites to find the ideal ones to apply for. The next step usually includes conducting research on the companies and going through their vision and objectives to assess whether they would be the perfect fit for you. Although many fresher’s tend to skip this step, only to realise later on that they should have spent some extra time to ensure whether their values align with the prospective companies or not.

After this comes the pressure of attending several interviews and anxiously waiting for a call back from HR. In between the entire process, there can be countless moments of self-doubt when you are unsure if you have chosen the right career or not. On top of it, the work scenario where companies look for people with a minimum experience of 1 year can be highly demotivating for a fresher. There is also an ongoing joke regarding the fact that even if a company is looking to hire a fresher, the required work experience mentioned is one year. How does that even make sense? However, if you are a fresher, don’t let your nil experience bother you. If you can competently showcase your skills, the right company will surely recognise your potential and offer you the opportunity. The most important part of the entire experience is to be confident about your career choice. If you want to overcome all your doubts, don’t hesitate to seek career counselling and consult the best career counsellors in India.

What is career counselling?

Career counselling is seeking the help of a certified professional to make career decisions. If you are confused about which profession to choose and what will be the best career pathway, counselling can help you explore different options. Make sure to go for the best career counselling company in India, where they have certified and experienced career counsellors. When you do so, they will take extreme care to offer you clarity, suggestions, guidance and a reliable action plan based on your character traits, skills and interest. There are scientific tools like psychometric assessments that career counsellors use to have an understanding of your personality and cognitive abilities. These self-assessments are tremendously credible in identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Combined with the expertise of counsellors, you can have an incredibly eye-opening and informative session which will enable you to make decisions effortlessly.

Benefits of career counselling for freshers:

Career counselling can do wonders for an individual who is just about to embark on his professional journey. Freshers are often overwhelmed with confusion, self-doubts, low self-esteem, and career anxiety. If you feel the same, going to a professional can benefit you in numerous ways. A few advantages of career counselling for freshers are:

Gain self-confidence – As a fresher, it is natural to feel stressed, nervous and in a constant state of agitation. But it is not necessary to go through these emotions. These feelings often emanate from your confusion and doubts about your chosen profession. Counselling can help you acquire that extra dose of confidence to start your new job with a positive mindset. 

For example, let’s say you completed your engineering degree and have interviews lined up for IT companies. But you do not enjoy the corporate work culture and have no idea about the job profile. So, you are going through extreme self-doubt due to your inability to assess whether you will enjoy your work in the long run. On the other hand, your interest lies in creative work, and you have skills in painting. Consulting a counsellor can help you gain a clear perspective regarding both the IT job and different alternative professions that could help you satisfy your creative nature. So, after a clear idea about all the possibilities, you can make an informed decision with the confidence that you are making an appropriate choice for yourself. 

Obtain a clear direction – Are you unsure about the next course of action after completing your college studies? You are not alone! Many freshers find it perplexing to decide what to do. The various options include higher studies, internships, full-time jobs, freelancing, gap year, etc. So, the common question is ‘what next’. Nobody wants to start their professional journey on the wrong note. However, with placements in full swing, friends landing jobs, and approaching deadlines for submitting university applications for admission, freshers do not have too much time to decide. On top of it, you do not want to make a mistake in a hurry and regret it later. Career counselling is the best decision you can make to attain a clear vision and clarity on your next decision.

Preparedness – Career counselling plays a crucial role in helping freshers acquire knowledge about the realistic work culture. Best career counselling in India will also offer an option to connect with industry experts who are knowledgeable and experienced in their professions. It means, let’s say you want to pursue content writing, but you have no idea what the job responsibilities are, you can get in touch with a practising content writer with work experience who can offer you valuable insight into the scope of the said profession. She can tell you various information like the number of words you will be expected to write, the advantages and disadvantages of freelancing and full-time employment and more. These details prepare you with the knowledge to face the work environment without any unrealistic expectations.


To clear all misconceptions, career counselling is not only about making career decisions. A counsellor can make a huge difference in enhancing your understanding of yourself. They can assist you in organising your thoughts and feelings and guide you to channel your feelings in a positive way. 


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