Get To Know About The Kueh Pie Tee In Singapore

Get To Know About The Kueh Pie Tee In Singapore

Kueh Pie Tee is a popular snack, mostly in Singapore and Malaysia. This bite-sized treat is commonly associated with Peranakan cuisine and consists of a crispy cup brimming with a delicious umami-packed filling.

What Is Kueh Pie Tee Made Of ?

The tart shell of Kueh Pie Tee is made of a thin and crispy pastry that is often filled with vegetables, prawns, shredded Chinese turnips, carrots, and a blend of spices. Kueh Pie Tee is also known as “top hat” in Melaka, most likely due to its resemblance to an upside-down hat. The pastry may look slightly different depending on where you go; in Melaka, for example, the edges fan outward (like a hat’s brim), whereas the Singaporean version resembles a cup.

Origins of Kueh Pie Tee

Even though Kueh Pie Tee has gained a huge popularity, the origins of Kueh Pie Tee are still unknown. Some attribute it to British influence on Peranakan cooking, while others believe it is descended from a dish known as ‘Syonan-to Pie’ or ‘Singapore Popiah,’ which was invented in Singapore during the Japanese occupation and both dishes are frequently enjoyed together on special occasions such as birthdays and Chinese New Year. 

How To Make Your Own Kueh Pie Tee

If you want to make Kueh Pie Tee on your own, you should put in a lot of effort for your Kueh Pie Tee to get in the best taste and shape. Making a kueh Pie Tee is a two step process; first making the cases and then the filling. 

To make the shells you will need a Kueh Pie Tee mould and a pot with oil. You can either make your own filling or you can even buy ready made fillings available in the market. 

You should first make your Kueh Pie Tee mould warm before you dip it into the batter. The number of times you dip the mould will decide the thickness of your case. If you want your case to be too thick then you should dip it two to three times. Next you can dip the mould covered with batter into the oil and deep fry it. 

Let it fry for some time and when it’s cooked well , gently remove it from the mould with the use of some chopsticks and put it aside to cool down. You can repeat the same process until you make all the Kue Pie Tee. 

To make the filling, you need to fry some garlic and shrimp. Then you should add some jicama, carrots, french beans, chopped scallions, crispy fried shallots and red chilies. You can use the seasoning as your preference. Bamboo shoots are included in the filling of traditional Kueh Pie Tee. After making sure everything is cooked well, take the shell and stuff the filling into the shells. Finally you can add some chili sauce on top as you wish. Now you can enjoy your own Kueh Pie Tee. 

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