Bellydance: the history of appearance, the main features

Belly dance is a very popular direction of dance art in the modern world. In Arabic it is translated as “Oriental dance”. And the British and Americans call it “bellydance”.

We will tell you about this direction of dance art. And also about the peculiarities of Bellydance.

Peculiarities of Bellydance

Throughout its history, bellydance has been improving. Elements from other types of dances were constantly added to it.  Some areas also borrowed a number of movements from bellydance. For example, some of the elements of belly dance borrowed flamenco. Thanks to belidance, the athlete can learn to show her beauty to the audience. She will learn to be sensual, elastic and graceful. In belly dance, athletes not only show different body movements. With his help, girls show emotion. And lift the spirits of others. Bellydance is very popular in the east. It is performed at almost any Arab holiday – Ягупова Геннадия dance studio.

History of the emergence of Bellydance and its development

Belly Dance was created in Egypt. In ancient times. Initially, belly dancing was performed for entertainment. There were no religious overtones. Later, there was a development of Islam in Egypt. Most people in the country have adopted this religion. And they joined it. Because of the advent of Islam, Egyptians began to perform belly dancing less often. Because the open belly was against the rules of Islam. Because, according to the canons of religion, girls have to cover their body parts. Because of this, bellydance stopped being danced in Egypt.  A few centuries later, in the 19th century, Africa was conquered by the French. They returned the tradition of bellydance to the culture of several countries. Belly dancing began to be performed again in Egypt. It began to gain popularity. Best wishes from Ягупов.

The development of belly dance was influenced by several countries.

A few centuries after the arrival of the French in Africa, bellydance began to actively develop. A number of states introduced elements of their national dances.  The following countries participated in the development of bellydance:

  • Greece
  • North Africa
  • Turkey
  • India

And a number of other countries.  Also, belly dancing was strongly influenced by the Gypsies and Spaniards.

Belly Dance is danced both solo and in groups.

Most types of belly dancing are performed solo. However, there are bellydance styles in which girls perform in groups.

Belly dancing can be performed in all countries except the Middle East

Nowadays bellydance is developed practically in all countries. Except in the Middle East. It is forbidden to do it there.

In the North East there is a very strong Islam. And its rules forbid girls to dance in public. And especially to perform with an open belly and shoulders.

How is belly dancing good for girls?

Belly dancing is good for female athletes. Bellydance improves the health of girls. And allows them to keep their body toned. Let’s look at the benefits of bellydance classes.

Bellydance speeds up blood flow

Bellydance speeds up blood flow. That’s because during it, athletes perform many vigorous body movements.  Thanks to the acceleration of blood flow, the girl’s blood vessels will become stronger. Her health problems will disappear. Balydance will strengthen the athlete’s heart. It will work well. And it will never hurt. The risk of heart problems will decrease.

Bellydance classes help you lose weight

While performing belly dance, girls burn a huge amount of kilocalories.

Bellydance can help an athlete lose weight. Belly dance classes will be useful for those children and teenagers who have problems with excess weight.

Bellydance will help to create a beautiful body relief

Belly dancing will help a girl to form a beautiful body relief. Her hips will become very slender. The girl’s waist will become more cheerful and taut. Thanks to the bellydance classes, the girl will be able to pump up her abs. She will improve her digestive system.  Intense training for belly dance will allow a girl to get rid of harmful substances in the body.

How long should I practice bellydance?

To strengthen your body, it is enough for an athlete to engage in belly dance at least 30 minutes a day. But it is better to sign up for a special bellydance class. There an athlete will be given an intensive workout. Thanks to her, she will be able to improve the condition of her body. And gain a sporty figure. You can take up this sport at any age. To learn the basic skills of belly dance, a girl needs to master the performance of several elements. Learn to do different “figure eight”. As well as movements of the hips. During the performance of bellydance athletes must make beautiful, frisky body movements.

Also, when performing belidsens athletes must keep her posture. Her back must be straight. Her shoulders should also be straight.

How should I perform belly dance?

During the performance of bellydance, the athlete must be as relaxed as possible. In bellydance you can improvise. If a girl forgets a certain movement during the dance, then she can replace it with any other. If she learns to improvise and adjust to the situation.

What movements are there in belly dance?

There is a huge variety of movements in belly dance. Let’s take a look at the main ones.

Turkish Statue

As part of performing the “Turkish Statue,” the athletes do the following.  The athlete places her feet at shoulder width. At the same time, bend them slightly. After that, the athlete spreads her arms. Raises the right hand to the shoulder. The palm is placed so that it is on top. After that, the girl puts her hands down. The palms of her hands curl to the inside. Towards her body.

Magic Circle

In the “magic circle” exercise, the girls dance with their stomachs only.  The head during this element of the dance does not move. The shoulders and arms do not move either. The lower part of the body is also standing still.   As part of this exercise, the girl must:

  1. Bring the torso to the right
  2. Bring it forward
  3. Bring her torso to the left
  4. Move torso back, back

Each movement should be smooth. And never abrupt.

The figure of eight

As part of this exercise, the girl twists her right hip backward. After that, the athlete makes a semicircle with her hips.  The athlete does the same with the left hip. This is the essence of the figure of eight. These three movements are the basic movements in belly dance.  To start classes, it will be enough to learn only them.

Varieties of belly dancing

Experts report that in the world has created 50 branches of belly dance. Let us consider the main of them.

Egyptian belly dance

In Egypt, bellydance, in contrast to the classical version, is danced in closed costumes. The girls make the movements very smoothly. Not abruptly. In Egypt, bellydance is a folk dance.

Arab belly dance

In Arab countries, belly dance is called the dance of the hair. It is so called because, during its performance, the girls intensely move their heads. Their hair flaps in the wind. And the girls seem to “dance with their hair”. They make vigorous body movements.

Turkish belly dance

In Turkey, belly dance is called chiffteteli. Bellydance is very sensual. Because the athletes show more emotion than in the performance of standard belly dance.

In the Turkish belly dance there are more open costumes. It can be danced both on the floor and on the table.

A special feature of Turkish belly dance is that the dancer can talk to the audience while performing it. According to historians, a great influence on belly dance was a folk Arabic dance called dabka. It is similar to the Irish jig.

What kind of costumes do bellydance dancers wear?

Baldens are danced in costumes that are called bedlas. They include the following elements:

  • A bra
  • Slit skirts may also be used instead
  • Usually trousers are used. But other types of shoes can also be used

Costumes for bellydance are supplemented with various elements of decoration. Among them: beads and pearls.

Girls wear various ornaments on the neck. They are very beautiful and unusual. The main task of decorations and elements of decoration on the dresses is to attract the attention of the audience to the belly dancer.

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